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Jul 18, 2011 12:00pm PDT
and the assist taftant commissioner today have resigned. this is after rebecca brooks was arrested on friday. brooks along with murdoch and his john james will all be ordered to testify tomorrow. >> for my part, what i would say is this -- we've taken very decisive action. we've set up a judicial inquiry that can look at all aspects of this issue. >> the prime minister is also fielding questions about his own judgment in hiring former news of the world eddieder andy -- candy kolson. he's resigned. >>> hamid karzai attended the funeral today for one of his closest advisers. this is video of him today at the funeral. two gunmen killed the karzai adviser and the parliamentaryian he was meeting with. this is the second funeral karzai has attended in less than a week. his half brother was killed last week in southern afghanistan. >>> general david petraeus handed over command of american and coalition forces in afghanistan to general john allen this. is video of the handover ceremony in kabul today. petraeus steps down after one year in charge of the more than 140,000 international troops in the
Jul 19, 2011 12:00pm PDT
ago, brooks told parliament "news of the word" mayed -- paid police officers. earlier rupert said he did not know why there was never a followup investigation. >>> san francisco's muni could get a new exective director today. the -- executive director. according to the chronic kell "ed ricin could be put in charge. that's unusual. -- "the chronicle" ed ricin could be put in charge. >>> mayor quan announced the plan to help seaports educate exporters and that will boost america's growth and create jobs. >> this is a win-win for u.s. businesses, for u.s. ports and for our nation's economic health and job growth potential. >> american mayors today have to look at investments and we have to look at exports and we have to look at what we have to sell. >> reporter: the announcement was made in public -- was made in oakland because it's the only container port that exports more than it imports. >>> space shuttle "atlantis" is marking the end of a 30-year odyssey right now as it returns to earth for the very last time. "atlantis" undocked from the international space station just before 11:3
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2